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Conditional Content

The WooCommerce conditional content extension is yet another add-on for your WooCommerce store that we recommend.

The conditional content plugin makes it possible for you to display messages, advertisements, reminders and everything in between based on certain rules or conditions.

There is an endless list of uses for this extension and it’s down to you on how you wish to incorporate it within your website and what purpose it would serve. Some good examples on how it could be used to full effect include:

  • When someone has £55 worth of items in their basket you could prompt them to spend £75.00 or more to qualify for free shipping.
  • You could set an alert that influences customers to buy low remaining stock from you before someone else does. I.e. when a product reaches below 3 left in stock you could prompt the website user to buy now before the stock is depleted.
  • If someone has a certain user level you could set unique messages, discounts, offers and promotions for those dedicated users.

Whilst some of this may sound like a lot of extra work or too complex, do not fear as the WooCommerce extension does all of the hard work for you. All that you need to do is set conditions and rules that the WooCommerce system has readily available for you to select from. Simply create a new rule if one of the preset options does not fulfill your requirements.

The rule builder provided within this tool enables you to select single level or in-depth multi-tiered rules or requirements that must be met before the notification or condition is triggered into action. For example you could set a message to appear when a certain category has been visited or when a member has over £100 worth of items in their cart and has already bought two items from a specific category. The flexibility of how advanced or how simplistic you wish to make the rules is up to you.

Another reason that tools such as the conditional content extension work so well is because each time a user goes onto your website they enjoy a new experience. Whilst the messages are not a human response, it’s the closest solution to an interactive shopping experience that you would encounter if you were to shop in-store.

This is a list of the available criteria set within the extension:


  • Specific Products – Choose what products this content should show up on.
  • Product Types – Choose to display the content on all products which are of a particular type.
  • Product in Categories – Choose to display the content on all products in a particular set of categories.
  • Products with Attributes – Display the content on products that have specific attributes.
  • Product Price Range – Content will display on products that are in this price range.


  • Stock Status – Display the content on products that are in or out of stock.
  • Stock Level Range – Display the content on products which have inventory in a particular range.


  • Sale Start and End dates – Display the content when the product is on sale between these dates.
  • Sale Status – Display when the product is or is not on sale.


  • Specific Roles – Display the content to specific user roles.
  • Specific Users – Display the content to specific users.


  • Cart Total – Display the message when the cart total is more or less than a particular value.
  • Cart Products – Display the message when particular products are in the cart, at a specific quantity level.
  • Categories of Products in Cart – Display the message when products from categories are in the cart, at a specific quantity level.

In summary the conditional content plugin provides a more personal online shopping experience for your users, not only is the interaction engaging but the messages can be set to motivate users to want to buy more from your store.