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Checkout Field Editor

You may have already noticed within the WooCommerce interface that the checkout process can seem rather restrictive and certainly limiting as to what you can and cannot do to enhance your customer’s checkout process.

WooCommerce began to notice that its users were struggling to be able to develop their online stores easily, and to facilitate the growing demand of this requirement the team at WooThemes decided to create a plugin called the Checkout Field Editor. This great extension is what enables you to quickly and easily enhance the checkout process for your users.

Through the checkout field editor you are able to add edit and remove fields currently located within the WooCommerce checkout system.

You can very simply add or remove such fields in the billing and shipping sections as well as being able to add those fields to areas including the ‘order notes’ areas.

Once the checkout field editor is installed successfully you can select from a number of custom fields to use, some of these include; text, select, date options and checkboxes. This allow you to customize the order process that bit more while giving you further control over how your website should work and increase productivity.

What makes this extension that bit more appealing is that you can easily add all of these functionalities during the installation of the checkout field editor extension, this means you won’t even need to tamper with the code.

This extension is particularly useful if you require a detail of information to be provided with every order. Alternatively if you are looking to develop the customer experience you could allow your customers to elect preferable dates for when their products are delivered – this is particularly useful for birthday surprises or if you sell products such as flowers and so forth.