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Nike: Just Do It

Since the start of this epic campaign in the late 1980s, Nike has gone from strength to strength. The company focused its products initially on marathon runners – until a fitness craze emerged. To beat off their main competitors, Reebok, Nike’s marketing department needed to really take advantage of this. And so the “Just Do It” campaign was born.

You just have to look at the stats to see how successful Nike have been since: in 1988, their sales reached $800 million; in 1998, over $9.2 billion. Their campaign matches perfectly with everyone’s attitudes to exercise, and so is relatable for every consumer.

When creating a marketing campaign, think about what your brand provides for your consumers.

Marlboro: Marlboro Man

Whilst smoking is now controversial in the 21st century, this marketing campaign changed the game. The Marlboro Man ads began in 1955, and they created a lifestyle that their consumers wanted to achieve. Their product therefore became synonymous with a desirable lifestyle. Marlboro came to represent masculinity and freedom – aspiring concepts for many men at the time.

Selling a product can be more than just selling a product. Think about the lifestyle your product fits into, the idealisation it produces, and consider how you can appeal to this type of consumer.

Dove: Real Beauty

A more modernised marketing campaign, Dove really structured their campaign to work in the social age. “Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety” is the tagline for Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign which started in 2004.

By creating ads that were sensitive but meaningful to their customers, Dove saw results. One of their most recent campaigns, ‘Real Beauty Sketches’, was viewed more than 114 million times, shared 3.74 million times, uploaded in 25 languages, and seen in 110 countries.

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