Nevill Media aims to become the leading provider for online training of modern business and digital marketing information in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. All training is delivered through digital mediums such as guides, audio files, videos and online tutorials. Our mixed blend of teaching methods makes it easy and interesting for all members to learn at their own pace and from any location.

Where It All Began

Nevill Media originally set out to deliver training, workshops and seminars through traditional methods. Our intentions were to provide cost effective training for small business owners and students to enjoy. Unfortunately the cost of marketing and venues soon meant that our fees would need to increase and in effect we would become just another digital marketing training provider. This was not our aim and we soon realised that we needed to totally redesign the training model. After 2 years of planning and production we were finally live!

Who Are Our Members

Nevill Media has members from a vast number of industries and backgrounds, if you’re willing to invest a small amount of time and money into learning each month then you qualify. Nevill Media is designed to be affordable to anyone that wants to learn and develop his or her knowledge, career or business.

The majority of our members tend to be; business owners, marketing managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and students.

Video Tutorials E-books Text Guides
Video Tutorials E-books Text Guides

All videos are easy to follow and accessible from any device. Each tutorial is focused on teaching you a specific element within a subject. Sometimes reading a process is not enough, that’s why we show you exactly how to do it.

Sometimes guides and videos do not contain or go into enough detail with digital marketing, web design and business success. Nevill Media tutors, online marketers and entrepreneurs share their stories through ebooks.

Sometimes it helps to follow descriptive instructions on how to do something, our user guides are designed and styled to be easy to follow and clear to understand. Our blend of content and screenshots makes it possible for you to follow and implement as you read.

Future Developments

Entrepreneur Success Stories

Being an entrepreneur provides a unique lifestyle and experiences that no other career path can provide, the freedom to do what you want when you want. Whilst this is achievable, it’s not easy. Our entrepreneur success stories are recorded discussions with successful entrepreneurs on how they became a success. We dive into what their challenges were, why they established that business or businesses, what they believe are essential characteristics required to become a success and what makes them tick.

Market Places

In the coming months Nevill Media aims to unveil it’s new marketplace designed to enable people to share and sell digital products such as; website designs, templates, graphics, website backgrounds, audio files, videos and photography. This platform will make it easy for other members and internet users to purchase quality materials required to build a professional online presence.

Industry Experts

Unlike other training providers or online marketing experts, we don’t pretend to know it all. Our team has a fantastic accumulative wealth of knowledge and experience working with large multi nationals, but there will be areas that even we have not tried and tested. Since we want our members to receive only the most relevant knowledge, strategies and advice, we selectively pick only the best topics to teach.

Crowd Funding

You may have a great idea, a logical business plan and the skills to start a business, but the sheer size of the business or cost to enter a market may be too costly. There are many investors and people that are cash rich looking to make investments in the hope of receiving a larger return that a traditional bank. Our crowd-funding platform will make it easy for you to pitch and attract investment to launch your business in return for an agreed percentage of your business.

Freelance Network

Nevill Media will provide you with the information and knowledge to become an asset for any business. Our freelance network will make it easy for all members to sell their services to businesses at a rate or fixed fee of their choice.

Learn What You Want

We aim to teach you everything you need, but it’s likely that some areas maybe missed. That’s why we designed the ‘suggest a course’ option. Simply submit a request for a new lesson and we will create it for you. Help us, help you!

Future Courses

Nevill Media provides training on many subjects, but there is so much more that could be taught. Each month new videos, guides and subjects will be released to ensure that you receive the latest information and expand your skillset in new areas.

Membership FAQ

What is Nevill Media?

Nevill Media is an online training platform for business owners, marketing managers, freelancers and students to learn the essentials for modern business, from setting up a website and internet marketing to advanced online strategies and techniques.

Will I get a qualification?

No but what you do receive supersedes a piece of paper or online certificate. As a member you will be able to apply the practical skills and knowledge you learn through Nevill Media to real life situations. You are not just supplied with information, you are educated every step of the way through clearly explained videos making it easy for you to implement what you learn within your own business.

Do you provide customer support?

Our dedicated support team provide unlimited free support and will aim to answer any queries you might have within 48 hours of creating a ticket.

Why Should I become a member?

Nevill Media is the all in one solution. Whether you want to start a business; learn how to build your own website and market your business effectively online or if you simply want to enhance your career; learn how to track online activity and increase return on investment for your marketing activities then Nevill Media is perfect for you.

Am I learning from professionals?

You will be taught by professionals. Our tutors have been hand picked from a leading digital agency; Universal Web Design. UWD helps various businesses establish and increase their online presence. Their clients range from start-ups to £35millon turnover customers. This means that you will be learning from digital professionals.

What is your refund policy?

Nevill Media is able to offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You can try our service risk free and receive a refund if you decide not to continue your membership after 30 days.

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Request A Tutorial

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any recommendations for new tutorials that you might have. We are always looking to expand our course directory and improve user experience.

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