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Facebook have 2.77 billion users worldwide. 261 million Twitter users worldwide, 111 million Instagram users worldwide.

It’s a tool nearly everybody has access too and see on a daily basis whether it is through their own account or someone else’s. We are now reading our news feed more than the actual news and liking status updates more than we are watching where we are going in the street. So why not use it to your advantage? And reach out to all of those people gazing into their phones, tablets and computer screens.

With technology to be being able to plant relevant advertising and pages directly under a users nose, why not learn more about it and utilize it? Make sure it’s not one of your competitor businesses getting there place in your potential clients news feed. You can make sure it’s your post with our easy and quick training programs. At Nevill Media we believe it’s what makes the difference to a successful business and not having one.

How do you make sure it is your post at the top of people’s news feeds? How do you reach these people scrolling away? How do you set up a successful social media base? You can learn all these things with Nevill Media. With a huge range of online courses, you can learn in your own time and when is convenient. As long as you have a wifi connection your learning can begin.

Our amazing courses consist of video tutorials and text tutorials to suit different methods of learning and can be reviewed and completed again as many times as you like within your membership period.

For only £60 you can gain immeasurable knowledge to grow your online presence and allow you to reach out to customers you never thought you’d have for 12 months! Sign up today, it’s quick and easy on our website!