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New online skills can potentially lead to better pay and a broader mind, or perhaps you want to learn something new? Nevill Media can help you find what you’re looking for, over the Easter bank holiday weekend with some potential time to spare!

New skills can boost your pay, let you start a whole new career, meaning that you no longer have to pay marketers or designers for simple jobs etc. But while the cost of university sores, there are still plenty of ways you can learn new skills, online languages or simply satisfy an itch for knowledge for nothing at all.

Often through human nature, we doubt ourselves when it comes to furthering ourselves or trying something new, that can seem somewhat out of our current zone – you may say ‘No… it’s not for me, can’t get my head around it,’ well, you’d be underestimating yourself.

Nevill Media has an online step by step approach to help you understand and extend your knowledge of the different platforms for an online learning curve within your business, or for your personal benefits.

We’re able to help you develop your skills through a wide range of tutorial packages, with unlimited access that are easy to follow, as well as hours of videos and unlimited free support.

Our expansive collection of educational content will help you to learn:

– Search Engine Optimisation
– Build Your Own Website
– Analytics
– E-commerce
– Email Marketing
– Conversion Rate Optimisation
– Online Marketing
– Online Video
– Social Media

Maybe you have something else you would like to learn that isn’t listed above? Well we can provide a tutorial for that too!

If you have the time over the Easter period, you can learn something new and improve your options professionally and personally with Nevill Media!

To find out more about our tutorials or have an interest in any upcoming seminars, please call the coordinator, Cristina Ignat, on 01206 588 000 or email

On behalf of the team at Nevill Media, we would like to wish you a very Happy Easter!