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Nevill Media has always known how important it is to have a basic knowledge of online systems and strategies to help everyone who has a hobby to express, a business to expand, a campaign to raise, and very notably, Charities who wish to create awareness and fundraising for their organisations.

At Nevill Media, we are proud to say that all events held by us are free to attend by any member of a charity trying to increase their online knowledge to market their brand and create a strong following throughout all the platforms available to them.

We provide a venue, hot drinks and nibbles, and guest speakers to encourage, teach, motivate and extend your understanding of particular types of marketing strategies. From optimising social media marketing, the challenges of online marketing and beneficial key tasks for yourself and your business, or charity.

The seminars are designed to be fun, convenient, cost effective (or free if you’re a charity) and of course constructive, valuable and fundamental in growing your brand and creating a following.

Charities can gain some excellent information, tips and tricks to launch their online presence or extend their reach. With social media marketing becoming a beacon of brand familiarity, making household names of smaller businesses in local areas, it’s crucial to know how to follow in those footsteps, and Nevill Media can help.

If you are part of a charity hoping to help grow awareness and raise funds for your organisation – and would like to join Nevill Media with our guest speakers at any of our events, please fill out our contact form here and we’ll get back to you with all the information you’ll need to be part of the action.

For everyone wanting to take their knowledge base to the next level, contact Nevill Media via our contact form on our website. We can offer you online tutorials and strategies for seven days in a free trial – What’s not to try!

Nevill Media, Learning Made Easy