If you turn up on a first date and haven’t showered for a week, hair is a mess and you look like something the cat has dragged in – and then dragged out again – It will be unlikely that your date for the evening will be interested in your prehistoric look – If your product is not up to scratch it’ll fall the same way.

If your newly designed product is poorly designed, no amount of marketing and advertising will assist you. Product development and business strategy called design thinking will help you overcome your teething problems.

Businesses use many types of design:
– Product design
– Engineering design
– Graphic/Software design
– Packaging design
– Web design
– Retail design
– Interior design
Design can also help the efficiency of your business, cost-effectiveness of the raw materials and the quality of packaging.

With new ideas or new brands you’ll need a new approach, and design thinking is built for creating new things. Design can enable a different way of approaching problems within your business – This could require a desired new experiment.

A good design also falls into the category of your brand, the focal point of the company. – Excellent for ‘word of mouth’, especially if it’s quirky and stands out.

You will want people to remember this, if they recognise your branding they’re more likely to come back if the service was previously suitable.

Business benefits of design include:
– Increasing sales of your products or services
– Improved market position relative to your competitors
– Greater customer loyalty and fewer customer complaints
– A stronger identity for your business
– Creating new products and services and open up new markets

You will always have competitors or rivals so to speak – It has to rise above the noise of all the other competitors from those other advertisers and content producers. Many people fail to understand how difficult design is – Catching the consumer’s attention of the product is the main factor.

Depending on the goals of your campaign and your target audience, the design required to do this may vary. A good design speaks volumes to a company’s professionalism, quality and positioning in the market.
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