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“For the last four months I have been a member of Nevill Media and I can’t tell you how important it has become to my everyday life, and how much I have improved my online learning skills.

My new job demanded that I have an extensive knowledge of online systems from WordPress, Analytics, Pixlr and understanding Marketing in the many platforms it takes. As a copywriter for a Digital Marketing Company I had to appreciate the huge benefits of SEO on websites, within blogs and even social media marketing.

Although the company gave me online training I really wanted an in depth comprehension without the pressures of being overlooked – and Nevill Media gave me the confidence and complete understanding of some seriously complex systems and incredibly helpful strategies.

I was able to watch videos while travelling to and from work by bus and train with my earpiece in. Anything I wanted to make notes on I would watch again and again without a hitch. I read tutorials while eating breakfast and scribbled ideas the strategies gave me or opened my laptop and actually put into practice what I was learning.

The experience truly lifted me and I became more determined. I no longer worried about not learning fast enough at work and found my colleagues were impressed by my knowledge. I became an integral part of the team quicker than expected and was even told by my director that my contract would state not a junior copywriter but a fully fledged one with a higher pay rate.

Just four months into my career I have the confidence to take control of my work and help others if they need my advice, I have also been helping the trainees.

I am still working on myself by using Nevill Media and the many tutorials I have yet to watch or read, and with the yearly membership I can come and go as I please. If I need a little extra help I can access it from work to refresh my memory.

Nevill Media is a fantastic tool for anyone, literally. Build your confidence, enhance your life and learn. It can only be a positive force in your life.”

Nevill Media would like to offer everyone this experience, and for just £60 a year for unlimited learning and support. To contact us for any information or advice please fill out our contact form here. To join our growing online tutorial and event learning experience, you have a choice of options and can even enjoy a seven day free trial – here.