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Here at Nevill Media we have seen many clients come to us after losing income due to simple, but damaging mistakes when it comes to their business online. Sometimes you can get so caught up in the ‘big picture’, glancing over minor details that could actually be extremely vital to your businesses success.

Staying focused is important in terms of developing your business and where you see your company/brand for the future. We shall layout these mistakes that small start-up companies fall accustom to and show you how to improve your online strategy.


Poorly made websites are one of the main reasons your customers will avoid or never return to your site. Unattractive layouts and waiting more than a couple of seconds to get to a desired page on the site will be detrimental to your online presence.

As a result you’ll need a developed website that’s responsive – meaning that whether individuals are viewing your site from their desktop, smartphone, or tablet their experience will be an enjoyable one.

Contact Information & Readability

Your company and it’s website should generate a point of contact, somewhere for your customer to access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, you need to make it easy for visitors to contact you!

It goes without saying that poor grammar can look unprofessional, in addition, your target audience shouldn’t have to go routing through a mass amount of pages just to find something simple they’re looking for. Your website goal should be able to bring in more clientele, so that accessible contact information will allow for minimal effort from the visitor if they want to find out more about the business.

Call To Actions

These CTAs can generate traffic to your brand, depending on your main conversion goal, there should be appropriate calls-to-action throughout your website. Some websites get caught up in conveying who they are, what they offer and why they’re the best in the industry. But they end up leaving the consumers’ needs in the shadows without relevant contact information for an interested customer to get in touch. No points of contact, no sale.

These are just three digital mistakes you could be making on your website, but believe us when we say there are more mistakes you could be making without the help from a professional source such as us.

Whatever your online issue there is always a tutorial that more than makes up for the difficult time you’re having, so it’s worth checking out the Nevill Media website where you can view the many tutorials available to you and your business.

You can also get in touch with any recommendations for new tutorials that you might have. We are always looking to expand our course directory and improve user experience.

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