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Learn SEO

New to SEO? Start now with Nevill Media. There is no better way to better your SEO knowledge than to train with Nevill Media’s online tutorials and truely learn the power of SEO. 

Major aspects of SEO are:

  • Keyword Research
    • This is where you find the terms and phrases which will generate traffic to your website. 
  • Website Audits
    • Making your website search engine friendly allows Google’s algorithm to index and crawl your website faster.
  • Building Links
    • This helps Google to crawl on to your website from other websites, as well a build your domain authority and trust amongst search engines.

The Hierarchy of SEO Necessities 

When you are building a website to rank well on search engines you must build from the essentials up. Prioritise the necessities over the least needed aspects. There are 7 steps to successful SEO:

  1. Crawl Accessibility – There is no point in working on SEO if the search engines can’t read your website
  2. Compelling Content – Answer the users’ inquiry, they did type your keyphrase to find answers to their problem – so solve it!  
  3. Make your website keyword optimised to attract search engines and users to your website over your competitors. 
  4. Provide great user experience with a fast website and incredible visuals. 
  5. Make your content shareable! Attract users to earn more links, citations, and authority in your online industry. 
  6. Optimise your website titles, metadata and URLs to gain high click-through rates. 
  7. Snippet & Scheme markup to stand out in SERPs./ 

How Much Training Do I Need?

If you are truly interested in improving and are unfamiliar with anything SEO, Nevill Media is the training to choose. We will guide you through every level of SEO. We are concise and make everything easy to understand as possible, as well as teaching you the vital basics of SEO, we also help you achieve your business goals online. 

Learning made easy with Nevill Media