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Much like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms circulating in the dominant Social Media world. Unlike its rivals, Instagram is more visual, quick and very much mobile based – the best thing about it is that it’s simple and easy to use.

It goes without saying, if you want to be appealing, interesting and engaging on Instagram, your activity needs to be posted on a regular basis. A good example of this would be to post once every other day – don’t fall into the trap of posting too many images on a daily basis – this can come across as annoying and desperate for attention.

Instagram is all about providing value to your followers, while many focus on the amount of followers they receive on any type of platform. We believe your focus should be on the the kind of emotion surrounding your photos and videos you post, with high-quality resolution in your content you will attract these followers no problem.

In terms of these high quality images, it doesn’t mean you have to apply one of the many filters Instagram provides for every one of your posts. As much as people think this enhances your photos, everyone uses them and for that reason people following you for your clean and natural photos will no doubt be put off. This also goes for your contrasts and saturation effects, the message is don’t play around with what is natural and looks good already.

One of the most common effects of Instagram is the use of Hashtags, this is a great way to increase your activity on Instagram in business and personally – encouraging more engagement and even attracting your following. However, many overload their captions with hashtags that aren’t relevant to your image. If you do decide to use hashtags, make sure to keep it to a minimum and only use keywords that are relevant.

As a result of regular posts and hashtags you are bound to get likes and comments on your pictures. Whether there is a small amount of following that grows bigger, never ignore the loyal followers who regularly like and comment on your content – if you do then expect them to run for the hills!

Making your customers feel valued in business is important right? This is exactly what you should be doing on Instagram, by replying to their comments, like some of their images too, which in turn keeps that relationship going. You can also start by interacting with your current followers, you can do this by creating a shout out with another account in the same follower range. This works by two accounts agreeing to give the other a advertisement on their own accounts – this is a popular technique that many businesses have used or currently used to generate thousands of new followers.

The above information is key in your quest to popularity on Instagram, but arguably trends are equally important. Much like the fashion industry, things quickly come in and out of fashion and you want to be wearing the latest up to date trend and not be left of the shelf – this is the same for Instagram in gaining and losing followers.

If you would like to learn more about Instagram trends or even how the whole idea around Instagram and how it works, you can get on contact with us at Nevill Media – call us today on 01206 588 000 for more information or you can fill out the enquiry form on our contact page.