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If the thought of promotion is not in your thoughts within your current job, then maybe it’s not the vocation for you. However, if you are indeed working hard to achieve that increase in wage or that in-house job role you’ve been longing for, our online tutorials may be of interest to you.

The online social learning platform owned by The Open University, has recently published new research revealing that employees’ chances of promotion and securing a new role are enhanced by taking an online course or tutorial – the survey involved the opinions of around 600 employers.

Nearly three quarters (73%) of employers said they thought online techniques were either very valuable (33%) or valuable (40%) when considering the promotion of an existing employee.

Professional development through online learning also carried favour among employers when hiring. Online learning was a ‘differentiating factor’ when assessing candidates with similar qualifications or experience for a new role.

The survey also suggested that employers were willing to invest in online training. 80% said they were would provide funding for online assistance that staff take at their own initiative.

The fact that online learning is part of conversations around hiring and promotions, and that employers are reporting an increase in its usage, is all really encouraging. We live in a digital age and it follows that employers should attribute such weight to professional development through digital sources.

What’s the alternative?

If we don’t actively encourage or help ourselves onto a better path in our career then you risk being stuck in a rut, worse still, failure to improve or show initiative in your work could see others over take you in the pecking order – you may even find yourself out the door with nothing but a p45 to show for it.

At Nevill Media, we have everything from specialist tutorials on subjects such as online marketing, websites and other areas that you request to learn more about. We can improve your knowledge through our services, where we can play a critical role in your career in the years ahead.

Many businesses have already adopted online learning and we expect to see greater numbers to get involved. Ultimately, it’s an organisation’s bottom line to get the best from their employees, where the business will prosper and with the right online techniques and desire you can join the ride. And that benefits us all.

Take advantage of the expertise here at Nevill Media. For just £60 you could spend as much of your precious time learning new skills to catapult your abilities to the next level.

Visit our contact page if you have any questions and our team will get back to you. Alternatively you can call 01206 588 000 to find out more information today!