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The great thing about WordPress is that it is straightforward to use. Once you have picked up the basics, the rest is history. A membership with Nevill Media will give you access to numerous tailor made courses, guides and videos, allowing you to learn how to build and manage your own website.

With over 30 videos and 8 text tutorials, you have all the ammunition you need to become an expert in WordPress. Even if you do have experience with WordPress, it can never hurt to learn more and Nevill media caters for people of all skill levels. 

Starting Up 

Briefly the first few steps you would follow when setting up your WordPress goes as follows:

When you have chosen which package you want to take out with WordPress, you then move on to selecting your domain name and choosing your hosting provider for WordPress. Just to break it down, your domain name is like a home address. It is how your visitors will be able to locate you online. The hosting provider is where the website is actually stored.  

Once you have all that set up you can then begin to customise your website using WordPress’ themes and templates. This allows you to choose colours, styles, fonts and formatting. The themes that are available to you are very versatile meaning they will suit a variety of business types.

After you have chosen your theme you can now upload a post to your website. This post button is mainly used for blogs and portfolios because they automatically place your newest content at the top. If you want to add pages to your website then you follow a similar process to the posts. You click on page and then fill out the title of your page and whatever information you want to include. Once you have finished, you can simply click save as draft or publish. By selecting publish, the page will go live straight away. 

The main thing to remember with WordPress is focus on the basics. By getting to grips with the basics you can create an excellent user experience which will increase your traffic. If you are interested in learning more detail about how to manage your own WordPress website then Nevill Media can help you. 

It doesn’t matter what skill level you have, because we cater for all kinds of learners. Sign up today and benefit from a variety of videos, guides and tutorials. If you have any questions then you can contact us via our enquiry form.