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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is simply the activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines, for words and phrases relevant to the site. By creating great content you make it easier to create links. The most common thing search engines pick up on is optimised keywords, dwell time and click through rate. 

Dwell time is how long people stay on your site for, 3 minutes is considered a good length of time. Click through rate is who clicked on your search result. Optimising your pictures is a must on your website as this increases site speed. 

SEO is an investment not a cost and if you have not utilised SEO then you should definitely think about it.


How it can benefit my business?

SEO can make your brand stronger and more recognisable. The ultimate goal for any business is to end up on the front page and be the top result on search pages. Your websites’ title and metadata tags play an important role in strengthening your brand. 

Web traffic from a good SEO campaign has high conversation potential. Without SEO, finding your specific website will not be easy. But if you have a good campaign behind you that tailors to your target audience then you can’t go wrong. 

Traffic on search engines are the best traffic because you do not have to push out advertisements to persuade people to buy. This is due to search traffic already having an interest in your product or services. 

SEO also helps you build trust with your prospective clients, as they already trust google to find what they are looking for. So if you rank high on google, people are going to view your website because the trust and credibility is there.

How can I learn SEO?

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