Social media marketing remains a new concept for many, and we are here to help. Businesses already using social media might be missing a few tricks, possibly experiencing mixed results and want to develop their skills and knowledge in this area. Regardless of what category you fit into, at this event, there will be something for everyone, from those yet to create social media profiles to those with hundreds or thousands of followers.

Guest speaker, Natalie Jackson of ActionCoach, the world’s largest and leading business coaches, will be sharing her advice and tips on how to set up a system to optimise your social media marketing activities, how to diarise key tasks, the challenges we all encounter with self-promotion and the pros and cons of managing social media accounts by yourself.

Nevill Media seminars are designed to be fun, convenient, cost effective, but most importantly, beneficial to you and your business. By attending Nevill Media, we can guarantee that you will learn something new and if this is not the case, you are welcome to your money back.

Nevill Media seminars take place every month and for members of Nevill Media, you simply pay £29 per month or guests pay just £50. At Nevill Media, we provide you with everything you need to access the latest content, in a great environment with all the resources you need to take action following the event.

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All content is designed to help you promote and grow your business effectively online. If you want hands-on support with your business, contact Danny Nevill for all things marketing related and Natalie Jackson for all matters business related.

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