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When it comes to your online presence it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity you can. It’s the only way you can fully exceed your own expectations.

Nevill Media offer you the chance to improve your knowledge and learn multiple skills whenever possible. Thus, our crucial processes give you the tools to create a recognisable online profile presence.

Nevill Media possesses an expansive collection of educational content to develop your skills over a twelve month period. Imagine how much you could learn with an all inclusive package for one whole year!

Below are some of the greatest treasures on the internet when it comes to optimising, monitoring, updating and succeeding in the online sea of business and how to soar above all the rest.

Facebook Insights – Social media is one of the most essential marketing tools, Twitter and Instagram are growing in popularity all the time. In addition, Facebook still has one of the biggest marketing success rates with the greatest number of visitors checking news feeds over seven times a day. The Insights Facebook offers business pages are invaluable. At Nevill Media we have tutorials on ‘How To Use Facebook For Business’, ‘Creating Basic Facebook Ads’, Facebook Insight Understanding’ and many more. You could become a wiz at Facebook in no time and find more ways to learn from Nevill Media.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Keywords! That is all it takes to become a leader in your industry. Keywords can make you visible in an area that didn’t know you were there. Keywords are a basic need in the internet based business world and you need to know all about it. ‘How Search Engines Work’, ‘Keywords Explained’, ‘Determining Whether Google Has Penalised Your Site’, ‘White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO’, and so many more. This is an excellent way to truly stand heads above the rest.

E-commerce – If you sell services or products online, your online skills will be judged. Your website will need to be modern even if it’s traditional, smooth and easy to travel, and compelling. Offers need to be subtle yet alluring, information that speaks volumes without rambling needs to be relevant, images inspiring, creating feelings of trust and interest. To convert your website visitors into customers, knowing all there is to know about E-commerce from ‘How To Display Your Products’, ‘E-commerce Is Not All About Selling’, Setting Up WooCommerce’ will lead you to lead them in the right direction.

Take advantage of the expertise here at Nevill Media and join us for an ‘at your fingertips’ learning experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just £60 and you could spend as much of your precious time learning new skills to take your business to the next level.

Visit our contact page if you have any questions and our team will get back to you! If you want to join, alternatively you can call 01206 588 000 to find out more information.