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Being data driven, manageable and cost effective are three important things you need to strive for when adopting a Marketing Campaign within the Political climate. How this data is processed, will hinder or help the success of the party. Take recent events into consideration, the recently passed 2017 election carried a flavour of success and failure – most notably for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

Digital marketing for political campaigns enables the future target audience to be more accessible. 72% of young voters came out in force to vote, with Labour grasping the highest swing with the 18-25 year old voters and running with it.

Connecting with these young voters through different digital marketing channels can be invaluable for any business – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are all social media apps that will give the party a voice, from which to promote their ideas and changes.

If your approach is a good one, you’re more than likely to become successful with the voters. Unfortunately for Prime Minister May, her approach was a little underwhelming to say the least.

The Conservatives went all out, the party will have spent more than the £1.2m on Facebook advertising in the previous election. Regrettably for them, they treated the platform like just another humdrum broadcast – Party videos would appear next to the News Feed with May remaining in her lifeless, lacklustre tone.

However, Labour’s approach on the other hand, listened to their target audience and used the social media platforms to their advantage. They took the mundane, stuffy and tiresome feel of politics brings sometimes, transforming the feel of the young voters to feel inspired and use their all important vote.

Generating a huge diversity of creative tone which was set by the audience not the campaign, these young voters were surprisingly rampant and positive towards this, doing Corbyn a huge favour.

When Corbyn first came on the Labour scene, he was branded a calamity – Calamity Corbyn?

Turns out that if your approach in digital marketing and policies are all up to date, you’ll go a long way with everyone who uses social media – You just need to learn how!