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We’ve all been new at something, a blogging newbie if you like? While the blogging process may seem confusing at first, once you get to grips it can be incredibly beneficial to all types of business industries acting as the voice of their website and ultimately a business online.

So why is it important and why should you create a blog for your website?

– Blogs work hand in hand with Social Media and Email Marketing through their respective call to actions, companies can receive more than 300,000 unique visitors per month which makes the blogging page a unique tool in your armoury.

– Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news. There are literally millions of blogs online (don’t worry, you can make yours stand out and get noticed!)

– It’s a great way to express yourself and also a fantastic way to share information with others through events, news and other information someone you think should know.

– Regular blogs can enable you to become a writer, learning and engaging from what your audience have to say to your blog.

– The best reason? You can make money doing it!

There’s also five main steps you need to do in order to start blogging. If you follow this guide exactly, you’ll have your own blog set up in 30 minutes or less.

1. Choose your preferred blog platform
2. Choose web hosting for your blog
3. Setting up a blog on your own domain
4. Design your blog
5. Useful resources for blogging

No matter what your position or profession, Blog marketing knowledge really can benefit anyone in today’s market. Our professional marketing consultants at our Digital Marketing Seminars can help you gain the information and inspiration that you need to become knowledgeable in the Blog marketing field.

If you would like to take their knowledge base to the next level, contact Nevill Media via our contact form. We can offer you online tutorials and strategies for a seven-day free trial – what’s not to try!

In the meantime, if you have any queries or are interested in the upcoming seminars, please call the events coordinator; Cristina Ignat on 01206 588000 or email Alternatively, use our contact form on the website.