As a business owner, success is your main outcome. Without success, your business is seen as a failure, whether just within your eyes, or financially. For many, success is in the form of growth. A business’s growth can be determined in many ways. For you, does growth mean more clients, a larger client spend, or just the final annual profit figure? However, you see growth, tracking the progress is key to ensuring your business stays on the right track.

Why measure your business’s progress?

You may deem your business successful, but how successful is it? By measuring such figures, you can gain a true understanding of how your business is growing. By understanding aspects of your business that are strong and weak, you will be able to determine where to focus your time and money. Such growth, when analysed quarterly or annually will not only show a clear picture of your business’s progress but also will help to produce accurate forecasting.

How can you measure success?

Analytics can be used to measure your business’s success in multiple ways. Analytics can be applied to a wide range of figures, determined by what you would like to find out. Firstly determine your hypothesis or question, for instance, your question may be ‘how many of my Facebook followers in the first quarter of 2020 were turning into clients?’. By being able to successfully use analytics, your outcome will be an accurate figure. Such figures can be tracked quarter by quarter or annually to help create a forecast graph.

Nevill Media can give you the tools to measure your success. Our team are experts in analytics and have produced multiple courses to teach you the best methods to track your business’s success. 

How can Nevill Media help?

Analytics is just one of the topics covered by our online tutorials and courses at Nevill Media. For information on our full range of topics, visit our website today. Our membership enables full access to the range of online tools, all with the aim of helping you develop your business into a success. 

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