Nevill Media began as a platform to deliver training, workshops, and seminars to small business owners and students. Such methods of training were produced through classes and literature material, however, the cost of running such events within venues was not a long term cost-effective plan. Nevill Media did not want to increase prices as a rise would result in the target audience not being able to attend. Nevill Media was created to help small businesses and students, for the company, this target market was not going to change, therefore the strategy had to.

After two years of planning and production, the new model of Nevill Media was launched. The new Nevill Media is a completely online platform, offering digital tutorials and literature. By going online, Nevill Media was able to keep costs down whilst still providing useful, easy to use content. In fact, Nevill Media soon found they were able to upload more content and reach a greater audience by being online, making them more appealing and practical. 

Today, Nevill Media has three main outlets for their learning material:

  • Video tutorials. Focused on specific topics, video tutorials are easy to follow and can help those wanting to visually see their learning topic.
  • E-Books, for those wanting more detail on their topic.
  • Text Guides offering instructions with additional visuals such as screenshots.

Nevill Media has come a long way from day dot. Today the media learning company offers a vast source of educational tools. Many have found success from the knowledge gained with the materials on offer at Nevill Media. Nevill Media appeals to those that need resources to learn, whilst not slowing down their pace of life to fit in classroom lectures or online lessons. Nevill Media appeals to the likes of entrepreneurs, with their fast pace and ever-changing schedules. Having tutorials to study as and when needed is the ideal ‘go-to’ for anyone wanting to better their understanding of media and digital marketing.

For further information on the range of tutorial topics available from Nevill Media visit our website today. If you have any queries regarding Nevill Media or becoming a member, fill out a contact form and one of our friendly team will promptly reply. 

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