Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is vital to increasing your website’s chances of ranking highly on search engines. Google ultimately determines the positioning of your pages on the search engine by using an algorithm. By learning the importance of SEO analysing the content of the pages, the relevance of your website will be determined.

There are specific ways of increasing SEO. Many techniques are within the main text body, such as keywords, links, and images. Other techniques do not involve the main body of text, such as your site’s meta description and connection speed. The meta description draws the reader to click on your website through a short, relevant description. Once your site is clicked on, viewers require your site to load quickly. A study by Akamai revealed that 47% of users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. Another key component for improving SEO ranking is creating a strong headline, drawing the user to click on the page. The content within the page may be interesting, relevant, and useful to the user, but if the headline does not attract them to click on it, they will never know the use of the content within it.

The importance of a strong headline

For every individual clicking on the page, 8 out of 10 will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the post below. By creating an eye-catching, informative headline, the chances of the reader carrying on to read the rest of the post will increase. There are certain requirements of a good headline:

Don’t make the headline too long

The headline should sit on one line and easily read. By having a long headline, such users may become bored.

Follow the AIDA Model for your content

Your blog or content including the headline should follow the AIDA model. Attract attention with adjectives. Create desire by pinning the readers’ requirements, implying that such answers will be given in the text to follow. Action will follow by the user choosing to read on.

Be bold

In addition to having a short headline, it should also be straight to the point and bold. Create attention through striking wording such as ‘stop’ or ‘help’.

Ask a question

Users have most likely clicked on your page because they have a question to find an answer for. By asking the question back to them, the user is likely to know that the answer is in the content below. 

Improving a site’s SEO is an ongoing task. By understanding and being able to implement SEO strategies, a site’s ranking is bound to improve. For further learning resources, focused on SEO, visit the Nevill Media website. Nevill Media offers multiple tutorials, based on online marketing.

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