For many, 2020 has been full of unease and the unknown. Covid-19 has well and truly caused disruption across the world. Whether you are a business owner, employee, sole trader, or freelance, the economic crisis is affecting us all. As a business, you may have had some difficult decisions on your hands, one being the choice to put your employees on furlough.

Being on furlough has resulted in some having time on their hands. With such new, excess time, many are left wondering what to do to make the most of it. Developing or learning a new skill has been proven to keep the brain active and improve mental wellbeing. New skills can come in the form of a hobby, activity, or learning. Using the time to gain a deeper understanding of your profession or business can help to launch your career off in the best way when the time to return back to work comes.

Learning with Nevill Media

In April 2020, internet users in the UK spent an average of 37 minutes more each day per online adult compared to January 2020 (source). Online courses are becoming increasingly popular in furlough, with an increase of use since January 2020. With multiple courses available, making the decision of which one to purchase can be a hard decision to make.

Many courses are based on a specific topic or require all material to be studied to pass a final test. Nevill Media works in a slightly different format, allowing the learner to access the full range of material, but gives the freedom to pick and choose relevant topics. Topics are divided into subcategories and can be learned through different avenues, such as tutorials or e-books.

Nevill Media Gives Learners The Flexibility 

By giving learners the tools and flexibility to pick topics enables learning to be tailored to the individual. Nevill Media understands that your requirements for learning are unique and therefore we offer the ability for you to choose how you learn, on a schedule suitable to you. 

The Tools to Succeed with Nevill Media 

By utilising the time off during furlough to better your learning, the return to work may seem smoother. By not only keeping your brain active, but growing knowledge of a subject will help to set you off on the right track. For further information on the range of tutorial topics available from Nevill Media visit our website today. If you have any queries regarding Nevill Media or becoming a member, fill out a contact form and one of our friendly team will promptly reply. 

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