As a company, you have likely spent numerous years and copious amounts of money to build your brand. A strong brand will truly depict your business at a first glance. If you were to look at the likes of Coca Cola, or Google, such colours and font are recognisable and distinguishable before reading the text. Branding can even be noticed down to a tune or signature motto. 

Your branding will be displayed on the likes of your website, printed content and advertising. However, when using social media as a marketing tool, many have trouble depicting their branding strongly. The ‘Social Media’ tutorials show how to utilize social media to benefit your business, creating an essential tool to portray your business and its brand.

Use company colours

The first, clear way of indicating a brand is through colours. Whether it’s a simple banner at the top of your Facebook page, or through graphic content on Instagram, follow a colour scheme. 

Be Consistent

Your brand is likely to be sharp. Keep your content in line with your branding. If your branding is bold and colourful, as should be your Instagram pictures.

Choosing Your Social Sites

There is a vast variety of social media sites out there. Sites range from popular ones such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to the up and coming such as TikTok. Choosing where to promote your business can be a tricky one. Your social media sites need to be audience-specific and a strong showcasing platform. If your business is very visual, or e-commerce based, sites such as Pinterest and Instagram would be most beneficial. However, if your target audience is younger, advertising on TikTok or YouTube could be a strong option. Your chosen site should fall in line with your branding.

Your Content Is Out There For All To See

Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook is ideal for offering your audience alternative communication tools. However, any content written on your social media sites should follow your company branding. Whether the service on offer is formal or casual, your text should convey this. Your reputation can become damaged if your social media content does not fall in line with your company’s branding.

Nevill Media offers a range of Social Media online tutorials. Such tutorials are beneficial for those wanting to broaden their knowledge of Social Media.  For further information on how Nevill Media can help your learning, visit our website today.

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