As of midnight on Friday 16th October, parts of the UK were placed under new ‘tier’ restrictions. The three-tier system implements different rules for different areas, depending on their level of risk and due to increased cases of Covid-19.

Counties and towns have raised concerns about the new system, claiming that by finding out their change in restrictions, then implementing them within a short period of time is not realistic. With ever-changing restrictions taking place, the general public is constantly evolving to their new normal and many have chosen to press pause on any long term plans. However, Nevill Media is a constant source of online learning, which you can rely on.

Don’t Press Pause On Learning

Whether you are working from home, in the office, or not at all, the level of unease is amongst many. However, no matter our situation, Nevill Media is here for your learning needs. Our sources and materials will continue to be available to you. Learning and keeping your brain active not only has long term benefits such as the potential to better your career but also has a shorter-term positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

Learn At Your Own Pace With Nevill Media

Nevill Media offers you the resources to learn at your own pace. With text guides, e-books, and video tutorials, you can choose the best learning method for you.

With unlimited free support, we are always on hand to help. Our dedicated support team is able to answer any questions you may have within 48 hours, ensuring we don’t slow you down! 

Your Not The Only One On An Educational Journey 

We at Nevill Media would appreciate your feedback and recommendations to ensure we are the best we can be. If you have any suggestions or ideas to expand our directory of tutorials, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Submit a request today.
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