What is B2B Marketing?

First things first, if B2B Marketing is a new concept to you, your first question will be, what does it stand for. B2B stands for ‘Business to Business Marketing’. As the name suggests, B2B Marketing targets other businesses with the intention of selling your services or product. 

How does B2B Marketing differ from B2C Marketing?

B2C Marketing stands for business to consumer marketing, targeting potential clients or customers. B2C marketing will often be more branded based to appeal to a target audience. Whereas B2B Marketing is likely to be direct and informative. The two marketing techniques differ due to their target audiences’ requirements from the business. A business may have one product or service for sale, but by using both B2B and B2C marketing, two separate groups can be specifically targeted. A B2B audience is highly likely to make a decision based on figures and facts. Whereas a consumer market will follow their gut instinct or intuition.

How to create a B2B Marketing Strategy?

When planning a B2B Marketing strategy, creating a factual, in-depth marketing tool is key.

Likewise, for all marketing outlets, competition is high. Invest time studying your market, competition, and what appeals to your intended consumer. Compared to B2C consumers, B2B consumers have a different mindset when shopping. B2B consumers primarily will buy based on bottom-line figures, in addition to this, they are often reached in an alternative manner. The following channels are popular for those using B2B marketing strategies:

  • Blogs

Blogs draw attention by creating relevant content relating to your company. Such content will not only draw traffic to your website, but it will also show how knowledgeable your business is.

The stronger your SEO, the more exposure your website will gain. B2B consumers are more likely to click on your website when higher up on a search engine. B2B consumers are often wanting to use their time effectively, thus your exposure is highly beneficial.

  • Email 

Most businesses use email every day. Thus using emails to target your B2B consumers is a highly effective option. 

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