The world has suddenly changed and ‘access online’, ‘working remotely’ and ‘internet only’ are words used in almost every sector and industry right now. People are clambering for knowledge and additional skills. To ensure your staff, be they socially distancing or working remotely are up to speed on the latest training available you need a reputable company that you can trust to deliver high impact, top quality training and development.

Nevill Media is an innovative online training platform for business owners, marketing managers, freelancers and students to learn the essentials for modern business. From setting up a website and internet marketing to advanced online strategies and techniques and just some of the topics covered are listed below:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – Learn how to optimise your site and rank first in search engines such as Google. Maximise your online visibility the right way.
  • Build Your Own Website – Step by step courses with numerous in depth videos. Easy to follow guides allow both beginners and experts to learn with ease.
  • Analytics – Our courses can teach you the best methods and tools to use in order to measure your success and return on investment.
  • E-commerce – Learn the tips and tricks of how to create a successful E-commerce site and build an online store for your products.
  • Email Marketing – Our guides can teach you the right way to implement email marketing and how to develop cost effective marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – Learn how to increase the proportion of visitors who make a purchase and generate sales for little or no extra cost.
  • Online Marketing – Utilise every aspect of modern online marketing to propel your business forward and develop sustainable marketing strategies.
  • Online Video – Stay ahead of the competition and learn how to generate leads and sales with the use of online video.
  • Social Media – Utilizing social media for your business is an essential skill that can be easily attained with our vast range of social media courses.

Our expansive collection of educational content will help you develop your skills, as well as help you to grow your business, learn from an internet marketing agency with easy to follow tutorials and guides. There are hours of videos and unlimited free support. For more information on this and other training packages available, please click here.

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