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About Us

What is Nevill Media?

Nevill Media is a fast growing online training platform that teaches; web designers, marketing managers, entrepreneurs and students how to create their own online presence, grow their business through online marketing and triumph through video. Nevill Media is different to any other online training provider. You are not learning from amateurs, you will be learning from experienced web designers and digital marketers with the latest knowledge and advanced strategies required for online success in the modern business world.

Your tutors also work for a leading digital agency; Universal Web Design which works with businesses from various industries and of all sizes. Through Universal Web Design, we have seen fundamental challenges that most businesses face. These include; being able to create and manage their own website, how to attract traffic to their site and how to convert website visitors into sales. The Nevill Media training programme is strategically designed to enhance your knowledge and provide you with skills that you can implement within your own business.

Initially we offered this training through seminars and we were attracting large crowds at a time, however we noticed a great opportunity to provide in-depth, easy to follow online tutorials which not only enable you to learn at your own pace, but it also allows you to refer back to content whenever you need it.

Not only is Nevill Media a fully loaded digital marketing training platform, but it also dives into other aspects of business such as offline sales and marketing, we even  have entrepreneur success stories so you can learn from the very best. We understand that business can be a lonely occupation, however the Nevill Media platform provides you with the necessary skills, knowledge and insights to ensure every chance of success.

Nevill Media aims to be the global leader of online marketing training by 2017. If you have any feedback on how we could improve your learning experience further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Founders

Nevill Media was founded by entrepreneur Danny Nevill, his team at Universal Web Design helped him all of the way in creating a training platform that would reach out and help everyone in business or learning about business. Danny would like to thank Luke Boobyer for his hard work, support and dedication in growing the business.